Convering the essentials

Multiple Accounts

Add multiple email accounts, including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, FastMail, iCloud, IMAP, etc.


Download attachments directly from Paperworks. No need to open up your email client.

Save as PDF

For emails without attachments, it just generates a PDF directly.
No need to print to PDF.

Taking expense management to the next level

Security is our #1 priority

Email is unfortunately inherently not a secure method of communication. However, we realize your email may contain personal and/or sensitive information. Paperworks takes all necessary precautions to ensure the security and integrity of any private data.

  • No email messages are ever stored on our servers.
  • OAuth2 authentication is used where possible.
  • IMAP passwords are stored with AES-256 encryption.
  • No private data is read or disclosed without your explicit permission.
  • Read our full Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more details.
  • Don't hesitate to Contact Us should you have any concerns.

For desktop solutions and/or an on-premises setup, please contact us to learn more about our enterprise plan.